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Borys Lankosz - Reverse DVD


Borys Lankosz



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Reverse Borys Lankosz film Rewers

Directed by: Borys Lankosz
Script: Andrzej Bart
Starring: Agata Buzek, Krystyna Janda, Anna Polony, Marcin Dorociński, Adam Woronowicz, Bronisław Wrocławski
Film originaltitel: Rewers
Produkction: Poland
Year: 2009

Subtitles: English, German
Sound version: Polish

Distribution: TIM
DVD Video
Play time:95 min.
Sound formats: DD 5.1 polski
Format: DVD video PAL
Format of the screen: Standart 16:9, color

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Reverse, based on a screenplay written by Andrzej Bart, is not a dark story about the times of oppression but well-nigh a pastiche thriller in the style of film noir. First the main character kills her lover (and the father of her baby), and then, to make her revenge complete, raises the boy in total contradiction to his father's ideals. All this is set in the 1950s at the peak of Stalinist terror, and the paradox of the situation shown on screen is mixed up with the tragedy of the events the authors hint at - the somber reality of the times.

Borys Lankosz (born 31 March 1973 in Cracow) Polish film director. He graduated from National Film School in Łódź. His debut film Evolution (2001) received several awards, i.a. the Golden Gate Award at the San Francisco International Film Festival. He is the creator of the documentary series From a Different Angle, filmed in Iran, China and Zimbabwe, and the films Kurc and Poles Poles (with Wislawa Szymborska, Stanislaw Lem, Krzysztof Penderecki).

His feature debut titled Rewers (Reverse) won first prize, the Golden Lion, on Polish Film Festival in 2009 in Gdynia. Lankosz is also a director and screenwriter of several documentary and short films: Radegast (documentary film), Alien VI (short).
Additional Information

Additional Information

Original film title Rewers
director Borys Lankosz
Language polish
Subtitles english, german
Starring Agata Buzek, Krystyna Janda, Anna Polony, Marcin Dorociński, Adam Woronowicz, Bronisław Wrocławski
also known as Rewers, Reverse, Reverse
Short Description Borys Lankosz
SKU DVD00314
Format DVD
Label Tim Film Studio
Release Date 2009
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