Andrzej Munk - Andrzej Munk Polish School of the Documentary 2 DVD

Andrzej Munk - Andrzej Munk Polish School of the Documentary 2 DVD

Andrzej Munk Polish School of the Documentary

Andrzej Munk



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Andrzej Munk Polish School of the Documentary Andrzej Munk film Andrzej Munk Polska Szkoła Dokumentu

Directed by: Andrzej Munk
DVD originalitel: Polska Szkoła Dokumentu. Andrzej Munk
Produkction: Poland
Year: 2007

Subtitles: English, German, French, Russian
Sound version: Polish

Distribution: Polskie Wydawnictwo Audiowizualne
2 DVD Video
Play time: 225 min.
Format: DVD video PAL
Format of the screen: Standart 4:3

One should look for the sources of the legend that surrounds the person and work of Andrzej Munk (1921-1961) in his untimely and tragic death and, above all, in the belief that what he did create as filmmaker and what he had no time to create contains a mystery. This belief stems from the experience of his films and the feeling that his sudden death put an end to an important current in the history of Polish cinema; a separate phenomenon deprived of spiritual partners and followers. (...) He was fascinated with experiment in art. This is, after all, how his early documentaries have to be seen. In the 1950s, fictionalizing the documentary form - or to put things in the opposite way - employment of the documentary film poetics to depict fictional events, was the mark of his experimental approach, his search for new forms of expression. However, Munk treated formal experiments in a special way. One can safely assume that in most cases - which is particularly evident in the first, documentary period of his work - these formal experiments opposed, in moral terms, the imposed propaganda goals, standardized ideology and aesthetic norms. These became de-mythologized through revealing the presence of real people in the ideologically-programmed un-reality, as well as through his search for forms of cinematic imaging able to destroy certain binding conventions. Andrzej Munk, the rebellious documentary filmmaker, remained one even when he had moved away from the documentary towards feature films.
Ewelina Nurczyńska-Fidelska

1. Destination Nowa Huta! 1952
2. Peasant diares 1952
3. The railwayman`s word 1953
4. The stars must burn 1954
5. The men of the blue cross 1955
6. One Sunday morning 1955
7. A walk in the old town of Warsaw 1958
8. Polish Newsreel No. 52/1959 A-B, No. 39/1961 B
Additional Information

Additional Information

Original film title Andrzej Munk Polska Szkoła Dokumentu
director Andrzej Munk
Language polish
Subtitles english, german, french, russian
Starring Polish documentary film - polnischer Dokumentarfilm - polski film dokumentalny
also known as Andrzej Munk Polska Szkoła Dokumentu, Andrzej Munk Polish School of the Documentary
Short Description Andrzej Munk
SKU DVD00038
Format 2 DVD
Label Narodowy Instytut Audiowizualny
Release Date 2007
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